The Island

The Island

RAB, the Island of Sunshine, the Sea and Beauty, is one of the islands of the north-adriatic archipelago. Rab belongs to the Kvarner group of Adriatic Islands. It is separated from the mainland by a short 15 minute ferry ride.

During the centuries Rab is charming and attracting visitors from all around the world. The town of Rab is the most beautiful place, with the caracteristcs four church bell towers. Squares with tall belfries, churches, Palaces with old portals and mediterranean streets speak million voices in million languages, because the hosts have opened the harbours and the gates of their beautiful island to every good-hearted person.

the town of RabIt has a very right to be called a museum-town, as every stone and every building are monuments from a certain period in history. Early Greek and Roman geographers wrote about the beauty, as well as the strategic value of the Island, and the Island was given the title of roman municipium - Felix Arba, by Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus in the year 10 b.c.

The town of Rab has Romanesque squares, tall church tower bells, numerous historic churches, palaces, a city council forum and plentiful small Mediterranean streets spreading like a spider's net. The Island and town were recognized by European aristocracy in as early as the 19th century and with this recognition, the development of tourism began on the island. Outside the city walls lies park Komrcar which with its representative examples of Mediterranean horticulture.

Tourism in Rab goes back to the 19th century. But Rab got its spot on the map when the British King, Edward VIII stayed there with his great love, the American Wallis Simpson. They say that he was the first to go swimming without any clothes. This is how nudism was founded on Rab (nudist beaches here have the german label FKK or Freikörperkultur - Free Body Culture - they are: Kandalora in Suha Punta, Mirine and Ravnice in Barbat, and Stolac, Sahara and Ciganka in Lopar). Rab is one of the islands richest in forests with as many as three hundred springs of water.

town of Rab and Suha PuntaThe other localities of the Island are: LOPAR, SUPETARSKA DRAGA, MUNDANIJE, KAMPOR, PALIT, BANJOL and BARBAT.

Lopar is the most isolated place on the island of Rab, enclosed by 22 sand beaches. The sea is shallow, and the thick forest and the shade it offers are particularly suitable for those who come here on holiday with small children. At the popular "Heavenly Beach" (Rajska Plaza), in a total length of 1.5 km, there is a campsite and a complex of hotels, offering entertainment, recreational and sports facilities (tennis, basketball, football); fishing excursions, walks in the preserved nature. The north-eastern part, which offers a nice view on the islands Goli Otok and Sv. Juraj, is characterized by many cliffs.

Lopar - beachesOn the peninsula of Lopar, northwest of the isthmus, there is the Lopar Bay, and to the south-east lies the Crnika Bay. An around 1,500-m long sand beach with groves of pine. Situated at the local road connecting Lopar with the main road running through the island of Rab. Lopar has a ferry connection with Rab, Senj as well as with Baska on the island of Krk. The town was named after the small church of St. Mary (sta Maria Neopari), mentioned already in the 16th century. The site Punta Zidine (Cape Zidine) still contains the remains of an antique fortification system. According to the legend, the founder of the Republic of San Marino, the sculptor Marin, was born here.

Supetarska Draga BaySupetarska Draga is situated in a protected cove (small bay), with fertile fields, an abundance of potable water and luxuriant vegetation. It is the favourite destination of those who are keen on quiet and peaceful rest. The modern, well-equipped marina, as well as the nesting place and winter habitat of a number of bird species on the location of a former saltern speak about beauty and spirit of the times.

A beautiful Bay in KamporAmong all places on the island of Rab, Kampor has best preserved its aspect of an old fishermen's village; old houses at the foot of the hill as well as the new ones, designed for tourists, almost fully cultivated fields and orchards, the catch of skilled fishermen and the atmosphere of a peaceful village are major attractions of this picturesque village.

The green environment - the vicinity of the Kalifron peninsula with the well-preserved Dundo Forest - provides a nice scenery for long walks, and the nearby tourist resorts Suha Punta and Rab offer entertainment in the evening.

BarbatBarbat is known for numerous small sand beaches extending from the former ferry pier to the beginning of the town. The islet of Dolin extends parallel to the coast of Barbat, which makes the Barbat channel an attractive place for yachting and water skiing. Since Barbat is attractive to boaters, it has a speed-boat repairing yard, as well as a shop of nautical supplies and spare parts. Numerous vacation homes along the coast, well-developed catering establishments offering domestic products, boarding and lodging services, clean sea under Velebit Mountain and peaceful islands - make Barbat a pleasant place to stay.

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